Please read before attending

For sellers travelling a long way

During warm weather and school holidays the car boot field quickly becomes full  –  we sometimes have to turn sellers away.....

Mondays – We rarely turn anyone away

Wednesdays – Can be very busy if the weather is nice

Fridays – Our busiest day (we cannot guarantee sellers a space)

Number of sellers may also be affected by:

  • ·         Weather on the day
  • ·         Weather forecast for the following few days
  • ·         Previous weather conditions
  • ·         School holidays


We are a small car boot with a limited capacity of 165 vehicles (depending on number of large vans and trailers). We cannot accommodate over our seller capacity as some spaces are reserved for Fun Farm customers and buyers.

We manage this capacity by parking early arrivals in a queue, counting cars and informing late arrivals at the back of the queue that they may not get a pitch.

So... if you are travelling a long way to bring items to sell:

  • 1.     Perhaps try a Monday when you can be relatively sure you will get a pitch or a cloudy Wednesday, sellers will often sell more and make more money on quieter days!
  • 2.     Arrive early – some sellers arrive at 8am and have breakfast at Jak’s Diner whilst waiting for the field to open at 11am.
  • 3.     Be prepared to be turned away – we are sorry if this happens but we are limited for space and numbers.
  • 4.     Follow Fun Farm Spalding on Facebook and Twitter to see live updates on the day. 


Seller vs Trader Definitions

Trader and sellers – what is the difference?

Trader  - a person(s) who sells mainly new or packaged goods, or sells multiples of the same item,  which could normally be sold at a council run market.

Sellers – a person(s) who sells second hand goods or previously used items.

Note:  A seller will be considered to be acting in the course of a business if they are regular sellers of a single product or regularly sell products in quantities which it is deemed unreasonable that a private individual would sell. If the seller is acting in the course of a business they must comply with all relevant consumer laws.

Traders are not allowed to sell at this car boot. Management reserves the right to refuse admission.

We follow the code of practice for Car Boots and Markets (Lincolnshire Trading Standards and Lincolnshire County Council). Click here to download.


Banned Items

Sellers may not sell the following items:

  • Plants
  • Food or beverages
  • Weapons or firearms



For more information please call 01406 373444

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